In defence of Carter;

I  sold most of my PSN six months ago but still had around 24,000 shares three weeks prior to the release of the third quarter. Rather  than ignore him,,I did follow up on his claims  in this forum that margins were going south .He made  those  claims in numerous  posts a month ago..Well before the quarter release. I found there was some  truth in what he said, that customers were now  getting lower prices from PSN in the market place. As soon as I confirmed what he said- I bailed. I know I would never have investigated the drop in margins unless I had read those posts, and I am not sure I would have sold prior to the quarter release except for those posts


you can call him a paid basher ( what ever that is!!!!! lol)  and ignore all comments that don't agree with your views,  but in my case he alerted me to an issue- i followed up, and it saved me a lot of dough.