Donville, just another talking head who hasn't conducted any D/D on Q3 results.

Lossing $100,000. In your retirement, ouch, ouch,  why make it public....hope it will influence others to hold or buy? Not going to happen, shorts who made over $500 MM (that is millions readers) have started to reload, employing maybe up to 40% of profits to ride PSN down to $3/sh or less when Q4 is reported out in March.

Dividend will likely be toast going forward, do you really think the Bankers will permit the Credit Facility to be used to continue to fund these payouts?

Really sad to see retired investors chasing dividend yields, but what to do when 10 year GofC bonds throw off 1.7%.  Investing in 2012 and beyond, is so much different than in the past.  For investors who chase dividends and follow the talking heads on TV will continue to experience nasty surprises, and for the Investors like those who held 27MM shares in PSN in a short position at the close on Nov 13 and did their home work independently will go the spoils.

To retired investors who are old enough to remember LAIDLAW WASTE MANAGEMENT, could PSN be just another one? LAIDLAW went to zero, once the law suits commenced.