Hi Guys, as I reviewed the news release on the website, it appears to me that they are telling us a whole lot and I really dont think it is good:

"The impact of the slowdown became evident to Poseidon in the second half of the third quarter.
Throughout the North American oilfield service industry, several fracturing-related and ancillary rental
services experienced significant spot market pricing declines, and Poseidon was not completely immune
to the adverse conditions. While there was reported price discounting of up to 75 percent among some
suppliers of 400- and 500-barrel steel tanks in various regions, Poseidon was able to hold its price
discounting to within 15 to 30 percent of historical norms. This is a testament to our disciplined pricing
strategy and our significant operational and cost advantages relative to incumbent products."

This is telling me that their margins have been squeezed and can get squeezed a whole hell of a lot more.

then they say the following:

Meanwhile, several other long-term agreements lapsed without renewal
or were suspended as certain customers’ activities were reduced due to macro considerations or capital
budget constraints. In addition, the Company experienced some difficulty in collecting payment from
certain customers, necessitating the write-off of approximately $9.5 million in accounts receivable,
which was charged to earnings for the quarter.

They are not holding back any disclosures here and placing some writing on the wall that I think should be considered when investing and more dollars here.

For me it appears there is going to be a lot of weakness in their stock price until the show that the dividend is stable and that the market space they are in and its pricing becomes stable and we are able to effectively value this company , its growth projections and its executions.

Disclosure, I sold my position yesterday and have a net loss on this stock.