I'm a bit curious where all the competition is coming from? I realize that there are quite a few names indicating there involvement ie secure, fraction, strad, mullen, total etc. but I was wondering what specific companies have gotten big into. Like do you know how many tanks Fraction etc. have in the field? I was doing some looking today and as of Q3 reporting Mullens had taken delivery of 25 and deployed 20% of those, Strad had just started rolling theirs out, Green Hunter didn't expect to roll them out till December, Secure had budgeted money to build them but no other indications, Precision didn't list the product on their rental inventory list and neither did Black Diamond. Total has a video of them setting up there Apollo tank, which appears to be a large grain bin. Haha. Are producers buying tanks from Vicwest or other manufactors and setting them up themselves or are these other companies not saying anything or did I miss a company? It seems to me that if there was vast numbers of competing tanks wouldn't more companies be advertising or at least indicating that it is a service that is offered? Just curious more then anything. Also has anyone worked with multiple versions of large scale tanks? Does anyone have a favorite? Haha.