Just watched the McCreadie piece. His comment at the end that there is no propriety product here is incorrect. If there wasn't, why would all of these other companies still be hauling their steel tanks with 30 to 50 truck loads compared to PSN's two to three?

With regard to the other companies reducing their prices by 75% or even giving their tanks away to gain business, one will have to wonder what will happen to their stock prices when all those expenses show up with no profit or more likely losses. If the industry is slow, they won't make up for those losses by increasing volume of business.

I don't know about his comments about the receivables. I haven't had much time to look at the quarterly report but from what I saw there was no discussion about the type of problems McCreadie is talking about. I am not sure where he is getting his info from; perhaps he should disclose that to viewers.

It's credible that it is just a slowdown in well completions as management says considering the macroeconomic situation for most of the quarter.

Holding for now. I agree that insider buying is a positive sign.