What are you supposed to do when you start out and want to keep trading fees down? I was weighted 75% in my tfsa with 2 transactions as it seemed a good thing and I had no idea things would go south so quick. I took my first big hit of my investing career with the first stock I ever purchased.  

That being said I set it to sell all at market after the q3 release as I knew we would be going lower and had bought in the $11 and $12 ranges.  I cancelled the sell order within minutes of open when I realized, luckily, what price I would be selling at.

I'm hoping that the company remains viable and will continue to hold for a dividend as I am still young and have time on my side.  It seems like a no brainer to me:  the company has a good product that improves on what is out there already, they have first mover advantage, we are in a slow period currently which won't do anything to help new entrants...


anyhow thoughts from a rook who got burned bad like many others and I too considered selling earlier and didn't 

Good luck to all longs