Bad mouth Mccreath all you want the guy is the closest thing that network has to someone that is actually connected...he is likely right it smells like there could be more bad news, I bought a small position today thinking the $5.25 would hold with some big bids, of course it didn't, I have a stop loss in place just under the $4.49 mark, no way now how am I going to get caught holding anymore of this disaster than I have to.  Today's buy was simply a small additional gamble to bring my position up to just under 2.7% of my portfolio so easy to almost double up my position share wise with a small investment.

But honestly if you are even close to having more than a 5% position in this name you truly are just a gambler, you have to be willing to lose anything you throw at this name, you may not but it is prudent to take that approach to this high risk name, until they get a proper accountant in to clean things up.