On this board there is a combination of shorters trying to instill fear into other investors to drive the share price down as well as pumpers which are trying to push the bull case for PSN.  I believe most of the fear is now gone from the stock and it will start to trade again on its own merits.  After two up days there may  be a bit of profit taking as some have made some very nice gains in just a few days.  After that it should start trading in line with the rest of the sector.  There will be ups and downs but what I am looking for overall is rising bottoms on the chart whcih should develop over the next week or two if the overall market is hanging in there.  This company is not a scam, but then it also might not be a rocket ride to the top.  They will have to work for it like every other company.  They have to get their act together and then when the oil drilling sector improves with the newly allocated exploration budgets entering 2013 and Europe and the US put at least temporary fixes on their problems, PSN's price  will appreciate as well or better than the other companies in the sector and as a bonus pay a great dividend.  This is just my opinion as I try to make decisions based on reality, and not on either Greed or Fear.