Well Burntfish....your appropriate name given you have been fished in by PSN and all of your investment basically burnt, say a grand total of $200. you heavy hitter, in the crash of Nov 14, too bad, so sad.

Love your post of Oct 25 " Lot's of good troubled companied (your word...will continue the ") out there to short.......PSN is NOT one of them. Real Dumb".  Well idiot, any one who may have been stupid enough to listen  to you sure got burnt. You and BAKKEN and maybe Ms Slippery should just hang it up and go away.

Any serious minds would do themselves a large favour and spend some time reviewing the posts before the stock crash.  Clearly, Carter has provided excellent info while continuing to have to deal with these absolute  idiots.The best way to deal with these clowns is to hit the ignore, I invite you to join me in doing so.  They will continue to hang around because they get their kicks out of reading there own press clipping.

Bye Burntfish.