I know I shud not respond but feel I have to because this company is NOT going to $1.44 buyout valuation. The oil/gas industry will ALWAYS need water on site (what did I hear recently, 200billion gallons or even litres per annum(?)...;fraid I was not paying complete attention to what was being said from the report and let's face it PSN have done well growing their tank business from less than $10MM/qtr pre Open range spin-out to the current levels. They are also demonstrating an ability to meet new needs as they arise. The oil/gas industries will always be cyclical and seasonal and I have to believe that PSN management were simply caught sleeping at the wheel (maybe resting on their first-in advantage) as the cyclical nature of the game kicked in so quickly over Q2 and Q3 and even the current qtr. They are perfectly situated by virtue of the business make-up to continue as a dividend paying entity: it is just that they have to hone their approaches to provide stable corporate financial conditions to offset the cycles/seasonality.