You must live in a dream world of conspiracy theories - as you blame  all movement in this stock on shorts- and some sort of conspiracy to drive the stock far below its  true value.

The stock is fairly valued  at 4.75 and in my view ,as more information comes out ,will drift lower and lower and will never see 6 bucks ever again.


Management has lost all creditability, and when I see posters saying look at their new projections - well- look what happened four days ago- how can you possibly trust these guys???


They claim cash flow of over 100 million this year and my guess is 99% of  those living in a dream world believe them. If you want to look at  reality and you are able  to even half read a set of financials- calculate how must free cash flow has come in the door over the last three quarters------ a  clue---- the bank loan is going up 15- 20 million a quarter, and is now around 55 million. If there a  120 million in cash coming in this year - then why does the bank loan go up?? The only number that tells you how much cash flow there is on a net basis is the difference between the cash position at start and end- and its going backwards very quickly. I realize that few can calcualte cash flow but these giuys include their receibables as cash flow!!!!!


My view is they will be very lucky to get 80mm and I think it will be far less in real cash--- 80 drives a stock price of 4.50 to 5.00 and that is why its trading at this price- nothing to do with manipulation


what investors should be doing is looking at the reporting. There are so many concerns but two are;


1- how aggressive were they, in booking sales- were any simply contracts receivable with profits booked in advance? Could that be the reason that only 10%- 20%  of receivables since Jan 1 2012  have been paid. becuase they were not due????


2- how could a CFO and CEO not realize after say four months in May 2012 that only 10- 20% of their receivables were being paid and not start an action plan then- the ridiculous statement by management was- and I try to quote it.. ...................It came to our attention towards the end of the third quarter???- Came to our attention.................- you are kidding- you have 135 million accounts receivable on sales of 145 million for nine months and it quote............ came to your attention after a full  8 months that  there was an issue??

Tthe reason I think stock will drift down and down is that more information will come out  about lack of collections and the write offs as result of the audit could  be huge- I have no idea- but this whole thing reminds me of Denmark


Lets see who is right in long run- you say the stock price   will gap up monday , and as as soon as the evil people go away, to some much higher level- I say it will continue to drift down as no one with a brain has faith in management any more after this act and nothing but more bad news is forthcoming.


I am not one of your bashers- yes I got out of all of my PSN  a few weeks prior ( You can look back at my posts three weeks ago when I sold and why ) - but when I see irrational arguments in support of PSN after what they did to shareholders- well its hard for me not to comment

You will be happy to know, and perhaps many others ,that I wont post again until stock is below 4. 25

wish you would make the same commitment ,if the stock drifts down over next few weeks and does not pop up.


In short tun- no one knows what the stock price will be- but i would not want to be this stock when the audited financials come out- but that is not until March 2013