Ex-dividend date is Nov 28th. I'm pretty sure board is not going to cut Nov pay out given they already approved it with only 10 days to go so any shorts after Nov 28th close will be paying a high price (dividend the amount to borrow shares).


Here's why PSN is set up for a big big pop in short term:

1. Big sell off was manipulated by the shorts who were already short above the $13 value. Some might have had insight that PSN Q3 could be a little bad and it was magnified by the accounts receivable.  They therefore did all they can possibly do to get the shares to open as low as possible after Q3 was announced - this was to trap the longs and trigger stop loss selling, nervous selling, margin calls. Bad overall market day was the perfect storm. Now that all the stop loss orders are gone, margin calls are gone and nervous sellers are gone, the stock is in stronger hands who see the future benefits of the new products coming online plus Rig count picking up in the US.


2. Base on many analysis (including all the new analyst reports), the stop is severely under valued at current price as they don't have debt issues and are projecting well over $100 million in after tax cash flows for 2012 and 2013 should also easily be over $100 million and possibly higher if the new products are a big hit, which according to the CEO is receiving strong interest so far:


3. There is a possibility for the longs to get revenge by making the stock open really high on Monday and trap the shorts (the reverse of what the shorts did to the longs on Monday) - they would try and keep it high until at least the 10 days pass for the Nov ex dividend date. Again, base on fundamentals, the stock is severely under valued at current price and most analysts new target price would be more than a double from here.