Thanks for your comments and advise you are right, too much time on my hands this week end.  I am a retired person who has held many public company directorships and have successfully bought and sold companies over the years.

No personal agenda, just don't like companies losing 60% of value in one day that are listed on a Sr. Board because, I know truck drivers and other ordinary and good people get badly hurt while usually the exc sell at the top of the chart....and that is what happened here. It is just too bad that the OSC and other regulators either don't care or do not have the resources to respond. I have asked one of my contacts in Toronto that is skilled in securities class actions to take a look, and they will, but this case is no doubt too small to give much attention to it.

So now I will have time to watch my Lions whip the Stamps tomorrow and catch the plane to spend the winter at our place in Barbados..  Will check back in the Spring to see if PSN is still around.  Have never owned PSN and never will !