Inventvest, even though you only joined yesterday to bash PSN I will answer you one time and then ignore:

see the management outlook for 2013 with an expectation for busness pick up (page 7) and note that they are expanding their products to customers (page 3):

"The third quarter of 2012 was a mixed period for the Company, with a slowdown in well completion activity in

several of our main operating regions dampening our financial results, while the successful field-testing, deployment

and continued development of a suite of new products and services in the water handling space are of a potentially

transformational nature to Poseidon."


"Our short-term market outlook for the core tank rental business is mixed given the lack of urgency and cautious tone

exhibited by many E&P customers heading into year-end. We anticipate activity in several of our key U.S. operating

regions to remain muted for the remainder of the fourth quarter, with an increase anticipated in the new year as 2013

capital budgets are approved. The pause in drilling and the record backlog of uncompleted wells in the North

Dakota Bakken is unlikely to persist should oil prices remain firm, as full-cycle economics remain robust for the play,

boding well for 2013. Our southern U.S. business, meanwhile, which now accounts for a material proportion of the

active tank rental fleet, continues to show growth potential.


2013 will not be of the concern you think unless the US wants to import more middle east oil