that's correct CanadianBuck. What ordinary retail don't realize is that the open gap down or early gap down is pivotal to these hedge funds who already had a short position on. They will do what ever it takes to get the stock to open as low as possible or start moving down rapidly at the open by shorting even more or selling a small size long position they had for just such a tactic knowing they will more than make up on the short side. By creating this big gap down at open, they basically compound the downward pressure by triggering lots of stop loss orders, margin calls and nervous selling - the fast gap down is the key to create the panic.  The good thing now is that those stop loss orders, nervous sellers, etc are over now and the stock should get a pop soon, especially if a big buyer comes in. After all, there's less than 80 million free float shares out and base on fundamentals, the stock should be at least 50% higher (most new analyst targets are for more than a double from current level, so not just my opinion).