jstinvest you have it right.

Short sellers were short 21MM + shares and people here think that they don't do everything in their power to affect the stock price?? Yes they made sure the stock opened much lower than it would have otherwise, no doubt at all in my mind. Yes the news was bad but not a company killer not even close.

I have no problem with people who short stocks.  What I have a big problem with is naked short selling, manipulative end of day tactics, predatory antics, misinformation spread by paid posters like carter,bluewater etc and out right lying (carter saying their was a tank leak awhile back). Why do some people give him the time of day when it is obvious the only job he has is bashing PSN. He is on this board all day long and yet he says he has no position in the stock, would any reasonable person spend their whole day bashing a stock they have no financial interest in? I think not.

This predatory shorting is done by short hedge funds (pros) not the average person shorting 1000 shares. Some of these funds have no morals when it comes to how they make their money. Believe it.