Finally some one else besides Carter making a good call.  Looks like a good number of these posters will buy this stock at current prices, hope they can drive it up on the short term so the shorters can make another killing when the audited financials hit the street assuming PSN is still around.  Cash burn is a little scary, but keep paying that juicey dividend and fund it from bank loans until the bankers pull the plug on this practice. It's not fun watching so many people loss material amounts of money on a company like this, but given management performance, it is understandable.

Would not be too surprised if  a Bay Steet law firm announced an application for a Class action law suit against the company and the officers and directors on a contingency bases shortly, there certainly appears to be many good reasons to proceed, included but not limited to, withholding material info, misrepresentations, not announcing on a timely bases material changes, etc, etc. , I'd bet you they wouldn't have much trouble finding shareholders to sign up!