Firesole...aka Einstein. Here are a couple of your idiodic rants below:

Carter.... Do you think that PSN management sits on their azzes all day hoping to just rent tanks for the next 25 years??

Think ahead Einstein....Think Total Fluid Remediation.....Deliver/Store/Re-Store/Purify/Transfer.

That's what the market wants to be filled in on.

But Carter..... you have been telling this Forum that PSN Margins have been violently eroding since the start of 2012!

So either Your story is a Lie, or the management of PSN is Lying and has been fraudulent.....

What Story Is True??? Hmmmmmmm?

(sound of crickets....sound of crickets)

I am thinking that your time would have been better spent selling stock than mouthing off (sound of crickets...actually I can almost hear you sobbing)