yes i am(fyi, investments is something i do outside of studies). I get very aggravated when seeing posts that are leading investors in any direction. i was once a victim of it, and had to claw my red back to green. if i can stop one person from doing the same, ill be satisfied. we may be on the same BB, but overall.... im just here to take YOUR money in an ethnical way. its an ethics problem that put our system where it is today...

i am very aware as to how shorts work. as im sure many have covered at these steal of prices. and regarding "buying" i sold all mine at 15.40 and 16.20. im pretty sure i have an understanding of how these markets work. i dont like seeing manipulative people who attempt to lead investors the wrong way. there are scared people right now that don't need that BS. this was a drastic change for a company that seemed like a very sustainable investment option.

if you think 2.50, thats great pick some up there. but honestly. how on earth can anyone or analyst come up with a number like that after this news was just released. the target right now is unknown. people throwing these numbers and irrelevant posts need to look a little deeper. and take some time to see what develops. 9.7million in bad debt i hear?.. how on earth can you let your company property be used without payment. if even 75% of that is recovered by next Q this would be stable around 8-9 mid next year assuming 5 is the bottom and depends on dividend rate.

there Are so many variables right now that any number that is thrown out by anyone like my own above are BS. but was it convicing? if so, get out now..

and thank you for distingushing the type of person you are be hoping i am buying down to the 2.50s. i was out above 15 fyi, and i myself hope you are able to cover any loss you inccured with PSN.



colormegone... any relation to the accounts colormegreen or colormered...? hmmm