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Pulse Seismic Inc T.PSD

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas Equipment & Services
Alternate Symbol(s):  PLSDF

Pulse Seismic, Inc., is a provider of seismic data to the energy sector in Western Canada. The Company owns the second-largest licensable library of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) seismic survey data in Western Canada.
Price: $3.14 | Change: +$0.04 | %Change: +1.29%
Volume: 13,261 | Day High/Low: 3.14/3.07 | 52 Week High/Low: 4.96/3.00

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RE:RE:RE:RE:Once upon a time...

Gregory. .. do you see why this will work. Special dividends do not always result in appreciation of the share price. They can buy back cheap shares, pay down debt and reward shareholders with a...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Once upon a time...

ValueSpotter - thank you for thoughts that are consistent and viable for Pulse and us, the shareholder  gregory  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Once upon a time...

Gregory... on a more serious note... Here is what management should consider. Establish a baseline dividend at .08 per share. Establish a consistent share buy back rate that is sustainable. Establish...read more
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RE:Once upon a time...

ValueSpotter - Great thoughts - well said    gregory  rate and reply
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Once upon a time...

There was an old wise man who bought PSD in October and sold PSD in March and for years made lots and lots of money. Then along came the speculators and messed up his easy money making strategy. So...read more
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RE:Oil and Gas Service sector expected to be very well.

Since you are voicing your thoughts... I will voice mine. When you have a golden goose that is tired of laying golden eggs and you have a moat protecting that goose you are better off waiting until...read more
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Oil and Gas Service sector expected to be very well.

Coming months should see a nice spike in activity. Would like to see a strategic review started now. That would have the company ready for a sale by the winter freeze. So if we report a stong 3rd and...read more
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RE:Here's what is happening with Pulse...

Hi ValueSpotter , thanks for your thoughts   gregory  rate and reply
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Here's what is happening with Pulse...

The oil and gas boys and girls are either Stampeding or going on summer vacation. The Pulse sales team is going to struggle to get any sales in July and August and perhaps even September. My bet is q3...read more
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RE:RE:Volume huge

Hi EliGold  thanks. perhaps a rebalancing  of investment house postions in this sector.  gregory  rate and reply
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RE:Volume huge

I saw two large block trades in the afternoon.  400K shares and 350K shares. Barclays Capital Canada handled both trades. These are pre-arranged trades between institutional investors.  One...read more
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Volume huge

Hi any one with solid thoughts for what's happening with Pulse, thanks  gregory  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Great uptick in volume today

Ifm... you are kidding right? Sell the data base? What are you talking about? This Company reads like a children's book. Take advantage of it. Investing in it's purest form is about making money by...read more
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RE:Great uptick in volume today

Pulse should put the database up for sale. Sell the company. Value of the database would be 5 times the current share price. Either piece by piece, or as a whole to a strategic buyer.  Hopefully they...read more
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Great uptick in volume today

Looks like institutions starting to build a position with anticipation of deals being signed. Historically their sales have been lumpy. However, they usually follow up a slow 12 month period with a...read more
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Looks like a nice entry point

With all the tensions in the Middle East, esp. Iraq and Syria, looks like Oil and Gas, esp. North American Oil and Gas looks very good again. North American assets are selling again and the summer...read more
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Greg Bonnell mention PSD on BNN

Anyone catch the name of the investment house that upgraded PSD?  rate and reply
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Just on BNN....Upgrade due to Encana sale

Bighorn assets right in Pulse's wheel house. Could be worth millions to the company. We should start to see the stock price move up. Most years it starts to climb around the late summer. Maybe santa...read more
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RE:RE:Up 6 of 7

Bull man... this is not Vegas... not even close. Every Company is different. This one is simple... poor data sales for 6 to 7 months means a depressed share price. So buy low sell high. Pulse has...read more
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RE:Up 6 of 7

oh oh.....what happened to up 6 of 7; approaching 52-week low; are you buying now??? not me my friend; there is no substance here; same as las vegas.  rate and reply