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Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp T.PRE

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s): T.PRE.DB

Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp., is engaged in the exploration, development and production of certain oil and natural gas interests, primarily located in the Republic of Colombia.
Price: $20.73 | Change: $-0.90 | % Change: -4.16%
Volume: 1.8m | Day High/Low: 21.25/20.44 | 52 Week High/Low: 23.43/14.80

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RE:RE:RE:My understanding...

The governments of Peru, Brazil, etc. may not feel happy about the government of Columbia's significant involvement in their countries.... so such a buyout is unlikely.... unless the components of PRE...read more
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Lots Insiders Selling Top 5 On TSX

Look it up Rubiales ...again Thursday.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:My understanding...

Ecopetrol SA could purchase all of PRE's assets as it is already has operations in Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and the Gulf Coast of the USA. While Ecopetrol is controlled by the Colombian Government,  it...read more
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RE:My understanding...

Thanks, excellent summary. If Ecopetrol purchased PRE would it be Columbian assets only? I would think some of its jv partners may have right of first refusal, etc. Good luck  rate and reply
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My understanding...

From recent press releases: CNW ~ January 24 ~ "Recent results from three independent engineers have shown the Company's STAR technology has demonstrated at least a doubling of the primary recovery...read more
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RE:RE:price change

I think its simply that the rationale for the sell off from 22 to 15 was entirely misguided: 1. they have a credible plan to replace the Rubiales field 2. they still may in fact extend the Rubiales...read more
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RE:RE:PRE is not going any where for a while. IMHO. eom

Ya really.....better stick to your day job.  LOL  rate and reply
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RE:PRE is not going any where for a while. IMHO. eom

CONGRATULATIONS !  rate and reply
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RE:price change

oilsyd    i am not sure etiher, i bought because: shares were/are undervalued pre buying back shares vs paying down debt (i believe)  dividend payment looks like a good combo to me! i am also...read more
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price change

When a stock exhibits a dramatic price change, I like to have a reason for it. While I am enjoying the ride, I am wondering what is driving the price increase? Any ideas. OilSyd  rate and reply
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Over $21 again.............

....and will stay over $21 this time or as soon as the market isn't focussed on macro issues, I believe.   We are approaching 52-week high and if we supercede that, nice things occur.   My gut says...read more
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RE:RE:Insider Transaction

I gave a trading date.  The reporting date is not material.  Just want to understand the specific trade or all trades for March 3.  It does not add up and is in excess of the total shares shown for...read more
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RE:Insider Transaction

this is old news (scroll down).  He sold about 6M shares mostly in Feb.  Sedi has transaction date and filing date - so it maybe the discrepancy is because you are looking at the filing date. In any...read more
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Insider Transaction

There has been considerable insider selling by PF One Ltd owned indirectly by German Efromovich, a director as reported by SEDI. The shares were disposed of at the recent bottom, mostly on March 3...read more
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Considerable Strength

Barring a collapse in the oil price, $21.00 is beginning to look like the new floor for the SP. Watching the bids, lots of buyers show up when we hit around that level. Looks like there are many...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Why is the market price of PR stucked at $21.00

haha popps.......I hope so too! glta  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Why is the market price of PR stucked at $21.00

Hope they do the same at $28 in a few weeks.  rate and reply
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RE:Why is the market price of PR stucked at $21.00

If I am reading the comments correctly, what is being suggested here is that a company with a large number of shares continues to offer shares for sale at 21.00.  It does so because many people see...read more
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Why is the market price of PR stucked at $21.00

Why would an investor (very large probably) try to manipulate the stock of Pacific Rubiales by fixing PRE market price @ $21.00 even. Il opened this morning at $20.77, in minutes went down to $20.45...read more
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RE:RE:Gaming the TSX

I assume you are referring to a bid at 21.00 and an ask at 21.01. ...wouldn't the bid get filled by the asks outstanding that were less than $21.01 ?? Yes, and that's the idea.  But why would you...read more