NG isn't the majority of PLT's revenue... the NGL pricing matters more.   Though if NG goes higher, it'll definitely help.

My point is/was that some posters here were talking like the share price would shoot back up and everything would be A-Okay if PLT would only cut their dividend.

And that's BS misinformation... I have yet to see a situation where a company's share price went up mainly due to a dividend cut.  And in my view PLT moved up to 4.2 on Nov 28 for reasons OTHER than the dividend being cut.

What would have made PLT rebound sharply (as I mentioned at the time) would be if PLT had such good performance, that a dividend cut wouldn't be needed.

Now having said that, I'm still in PLT and I still think the company is dirt cheap.  My only regret is that I got in a little too early... but luckily not all at once.

In a way, it feels nice to have picked up some of my PLT at prices lower than what insiders bought at... and a 5 cent dividend is still quite good.