ProMetic Life Sciences loses $400,000 in 2012

Earning per share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since results and c.c., down 25%


pepito (pandorum - symetry) is a fraud


The market doesn't care about the last news and BNN.


Insiders buying = Indirect Ownership - Acquisition carried out privately


3 630 000 added last month


Now 487,481,708 o/s

70 000 000 last 12 months

500 000 000 o/s soon

overbought easy to see

Day traders and speculators have left the board and the stock, can you see it?


Same pumper multiple aliases liar


SUBJECT: here''s also an article on the Millipore deal  Posted By: corel  
Post Time: 3/24/2008 11:36 
By the way, we're perfectly financed with Nanuq, we draw on the financing for the amount that we want and when we want until profitability that will hit about mid-year.

SUBJECT: See, the Nanuq deal is working  Posted By: dellman  
Post Time: 3/26/2008 14:36 
We're financed until profitability, and again, i was right, and you the basher was lying. 

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quattrostock 5/13/2008 7:21:01 PM  Post #23123618

Hey, this is what is. You two make what you want with it. And we just financed some weeks back for 10M, good enough for more than 6 months. Plenty enough to hear some news on pbi1402.  Have a nice evening.