You right Bidous...,

The market doesn't care about the last news and BNN. Yes this is right, but I think that smart people do care about the last news and BNN. Might be that you do not understand the potential of the news ;) LOL .

  1. Now 487,481,708 o/s:  Yes, this is correct!
  2. Day traders and speculators (are day traders not speculators?;)) have left the board and the stock, can you see it? Yes, also correct, but why do you also not left this board ? LOL
  3. And this is why people adding more ;) Think about it! And this is a good sign!
  4. And important to know is when I am correct and If I have not overlooked it, I noticed that the share of the free float decreased HUGE ;)
    I  am not sure but, if I am correct so around 10%  around 2012-2013??.
  5. And Yes, this is correct, you are posting over and over the same BS without looking forward!
  6. And I know and I am sure, you are loading HUGE up ;)