Because, this the game PLI is playing. Putting slowly the pieces at the right place. How good is the technology? Well, CNBG seems to have a successfull scale up with PPPS. Sartorius wants his name with it. Hematech, Nantpharma are paying for all cost for devellopment. Hepalink put a lot of money also. The company has been successful lately to get the partners pay for about all devellopment cost. This should give an idea of the value of the technology.If CNBG end up being a success in China, I'm pretty confident that one of these day, the only thing missing for PLI to join the major league will come. A deep pocket partner ready to pay to come in the fractionnation field with a fully implemented PPPS plant. We have the best technology, way better than the Cohn process, a good supplier of equipment now ready to stick with us, now we only need $$$$ to go further in that market. I guess that Baxter, GE, CSL, and others will have to look in the retrovisor to see what's coming. All those partners can't be all wrong, they don't spend money without hoping for a return.