I agree re: 2012 revenues. I fully expect PLI to deliver in line with market expectations.

One thing that investors, especially institutional investors, may also be looking at are expected improvements in the balance sheet.

We can't forget that PLI has been technically insolvent and operating with very little cash in the bank for several years now. With the conclusion of the Hepalink strategic investment in 2012, the B/S should be transformed with the company having positive shareholder's equity and and a bundle of cash in the bank.

But like Francois says, the boost in confidence and the share price will come if the company provides further insights regarding about what is to come in 2013 and 2014. In my view, there is a big story to tell around CNBG and where China's largest biopharma is regarding the filing of INDs and building of PPPS production capacity. We also need info on the state of the refurbishment program at the Laval facility, future plasma protein deals to be signed with NantPharma, Hematech or others and the filing of INDs. We have info on 1 protein, Plasminogen but more disclosure is required on the other plasma proteins to be manufactured at the Laval plant.

These partnerships are important but based on recent news releases or reports, it appears that PLI's partnership with Octapharma should be blossoming further in 2013 as OctaplasLG gains more market share in Europe and enters the North American market following FDA approval.

It also appears that the Novozyme and Halozyme partnerships are about to start to deliver big time for PLI as albupure is a key component of Novozymes albumin fusion technology. PLI also supplies a key resin in the manufacture of Halo's  rHuPH20 product, integral to Baxter's HYQ subcutaneous product that has just been approved in Europe.

It will also be interesting to learn when the company expects to start clinical trials on 4050, results of which could be available in late 2013 or early 2014. If positive, a whole new dimension will be added to the stock.

The story on PLI is just heating up. I don't see the sp falling back from current levels and if it does it will not be for long. As investor confidence grows in the revenue picture that has been painted in the various analyst reports, the sp should start its next leg up and move well beyond current levels.