I don't think there will be either huge surprises or huge deceptions with the financials on thuesday.


I don't know what are exactly people's expectations, but the management have already put the cards on the table. 


I'm pretty sure that the base case of $ 21M will be met, so they will deliver what they promised.


Having reading the estimate of Beacon, Paradigm and Hybridian, the expected revenues would be between $ 21M and $ 22.5M, the EBITDA between $ 0 and $ 2.9M, and $ 0.00 EPS.


So the call is already made and it's already in the share price, and for which I think it's still underevaluated, as they are not giving too much value for the technology and the patents.


I can't see how it could go back to the low 30' without bad news....


Personnaly, I will go with the highest estimate of  $ 22.5M, as the company base case of $ 21M was called before a few deal. One of them had a upfront of $ 2M, so $ 23M is highly probable, so is an EBITDA of $ 2M or so.


This should stabilize the share price. What might boost the SP is the conference call and the divulagation of informations that can come with it.


We will see next week.