500 000 000 o/s soon

overbought easy to see

Day traders and speculators will leave the stock for another one soon

by the same pumper spammer multiple aliases


SUBJECT: RE: claude camire Posted By: SHIRLEY14
Post Time: 3/14/2007 15:47
Any moron can see 2$ in this stock with pbi1402 and pbi1393 results this year, ppps licenses coming soon, arc-pli awaited contracts and all the extras like we're seeing recently with yesterday news, brazil deal coming and the contracts signed end 2006 that will pay this year.
2$ is a conservative price target.
This stock has been seeing in average trading last 3 months, what? 800 000 shares traded? I think you should shut up and wait.

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SUBJECT: RE: claude camire  Posted By: biotechwhiz1  
Post Time: 3/14/2007 17:34 
Guys, consider only pbi1402, if this works out, you'll see 5$ + only by this!

Now... consider everything that happened last months, and everything at hand... please dont tell me you cant see 2$ on this stock this year...