lacquer nails smiley  mcan, you should know that any stock price rating are pure speculation and when we fall in love with a stock there is a tendency to exaggerate. My Cousin Woolie told me the other day to take a look at the chart of;



We know PLI is on the good track to succeed and I won't repeat the same mistakes I did in the past by selling too fast. PLI has a good support by the major players in the biopharmaceutical around the world. By looking the chart above, I guess we can dream about PLI to be one of those successes divide by 3 to stay reasonable.

ProMetic’s business is organized into two distinct operating segments; Protein Technologies and Therapeutics, supported by a Head Office in Laval, Canada, R&D facilities in the UK, the USA and Canada as well as manufacturing facilities in the UK and business development activities in the USA, Europe, Asia and in the Middle-Eas .