PIH2000, while we both seem to agree that the overall trend for PLI is UP, I might quibble with some of your prognostication of how high and how long it might take to hit certain price points, but my main bone of contention with you is your assertion that the (INDs for the) proteins are a "short term money pit." What you misunderstand here is that it is the partner who bears the full cost of the "money pit" to develop the proteins. None of these costs is born by PLI. We have a "free" ride for these costs. There may be some grains of salt to swallow  to the optimum picture for PLI, but this is not one of them. The main risk is the question of whether the partners will succed to commercialize their product. I would think this is the biggest risk. But it is a distributed risk as there are many partners, and almost certainly not all will fail. In fact I believe that most will succeed in this so we are looking good.