exciting stuff.....


It will not go to $2 in 12 - 18 months unless something spectacular is in the pipeline (and has been kept a secret)

PIH2000, there is, indeed, many spectacular things in the pipeline, about to come to frutition, which are not that much secret for anybody to spend some time researching them.

  1. CNBG and their 7 proteins for which  INDs are about to be filled
  2. Nant/Celgene and their 3 proteins for which INDs are about to be filled
  3. Hematech building this Plasma plant to supply East Asia at their cost (we own 50%!)
  4. Octapharma expanding into US
  5. Halozyme rHuPH20 clients working out FDA approval
  6. Novozyme/PLI albupure clients
  7. "Big Pharma" hopefully about to receive ok from the FDA
  8. Hepalink contract progressing
  9. Other already signed "stealth" bioseparation clients progressing thru regulatory approval.
  10. Etoxicoclear progress

That is what is already known!!! On top of that, we get

  1. Post- phase 1/1b potential deal for 4050 in nephro
  2. Any national entities wanting to go the way of Hematech on PPPS
  3. At least 2 proteins left from original Abraxis deal for Nant or anybody else to sign
  4. CNBG expanding to cover the whole of China (from what I understand, Wuhan is a single province!)
  5. New Halozyme rHuPH20 clients (a whole business selling for us!)
  6. New Novozyme Albupure clients (a whole business selling for us!)
  7. New bioseparation/PPPS clients (we got Nant, Hematech and Hepalink in the last 12 months alone, no reason for that to stop)

Finally, with royalties quicking in, the global margin are going to improve further, probably form 70% to about 80%. That's 8M$ of profit for every 10M$ of revenue ! (past the first 22-24M$) Have you see the size of the  WIPB plant ?!? They haven't built this to buy only 10M$ of resin per year. Good grief, they're supplying China! When they ramp up production to capacity (that is, in a year hence), we're _not_ going to experiment incremental revenue. Think big, stie! ;-)

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