Overbought as you can see

500 000 000 o/s soon


You posted the same thing at 0.40 in 2008 under another alias

He might have a lots of shares to sell

Eight months later s.p. was 0.06 nice call


Selective Asset Management

dellman 4/8/2008 3:56:59 PM  Post #23006159

You have to scroll down to about mid-page, these are his top picks for 2008:


Selective Asset Management

Mr.McWhirter is sticking with global positioning system maker Grey Island Systems as he continues to like its outlook. "Of the current 30¢ stock price, 14¢ is the current net cash per share equivalent that they haveon hand. Analysts are expecting 2.5¢ of earnings for the September 2008 year-end, that gives you a 12x price/earnings multiple.


"We think the 12x P/E is attractive, the cash on hand is attractive and we think their order book and visibility for the coming year is also attractive,that's why we're saying the stock should not have traded down to where it is today. However, it is a small company and as a result, relatively illiquid."


He thinks CML Healthcare, which provides medical lab and imaging services, is relatively recession-proof. This is important given his cautious view of the market. The company is currently in anagreement to buy American Radiology Services Inc., a diagnostic medical imaging firm. He also likes its yield of 5.8%.


Mr. McWhirter's third pick is the much more speculative Canadian biopharmaceutical company ProMetic Life Sciences. The company has a pipeline of drugs in early development, as well as a promising blood safety business.

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