A number of people on this board seem confused. I am not unenthusiastic about this stock I am simply a realist who can see the number of shares out there and can calculate a market cap.

As I mentioned before, I have averaged down on the shares I bought in the past and for the first time since 2001 am actually in a positive when it comes to this stock. Yes that is right, check out my posting history, I have been posting on the PLI board since 2004 and have had shares in the stock since 2001. So no I am not a short-timer and have faith in the technology. I simply also recognize that a company with under $25 million in sales last year won't somehow miraculously get a market cap of $ 960 million (share price of $2) in a year. 

Pie in the sky pumpers will come and go but for the rest of us can sit and, hopefully, relax. The company appears to have turned the corner on profitability and will make you a reasonable return on your investment. It will not go to $2 in 12 - 18 months unless something spectacular is in the pipeline (and has been kept a secret) but for those of you who bought in at 20 - 30 cents you stand to make a tidy profit.