PIH2000, suggest you deveop a better understanding of what has been created by PLI's PPPS business unit and the partnerships with CNBG,Hematech and Nantpharma as a starter. Then move on to the second wave of expansion in Canada and various countries. And take into account the unique ability of PPPS to extract high value therapeutic plasma proteins, in excess of 25. The business platform for growth is incredible with best in class technology.

The bioseparation business also as a firm footing for growth  not only with Octapharma but more importantly with the PLI Novozyme partnership. Albumin based drug delivery platforms are the way of future and PLI has a foothold in this market.

The fact is that the fundamentals are in place. And the market is just starting to get a grip on the value that has been created.   

I think you are going to be happily surprised.