If McWirther is right and .08 - .10 earnings is already predictable for 2014 (only one year out) then I think $1 by the begining of 2014 is not at all outlandish even if McWirther himself was to conservative to go out on that limb for this sort of earnings growth rate. 

Btw I am sure many who are selling now have much more than just doubled their money. They may well have bought when the price was .08 - .12 per share in which case they may 3X to 5X their money and for short or mid term traders that kind of profit is hard not to cash in. While I have my share of stock in that price range, I have not yet sold a single share as I am confidant that this is going much higher sooner rather than later and certainly by 2016-17. The people who sold now will be sorry. (I know, the rule for traders is never look back, and be happy, you can never lose money if you cash in a profit etc.)