First of all...I am unaware that we had such a Bay street crowd behind PLI.  Had this occurred we would have been out of the ditch much earlier.  Its sounds more like "your Buddy" called in to ask for his opinion and his call was which Robert did in fact respond to with a slight faint hope clause. Clealry this is better than demonizing the play,and the term "may invest" upon further review ...implies "if time permits".

You've never posted on this Board before, but have been following your lead LTV for some time (years even) along with many venture plays at that.  I also apprecaite your full disclosure that you are long on LTV and wish you your best in those endeavors.  I too have several long plays on the Venture...and they seemingly dont do to well while on the Venture. The time they shine is once they progress to the next Board...TSX or NAS even better.  Till then its a tough struggle...heck the LTV Chart reflects PLI history if you check its 10 year record.