This publication points to the need/benefits for emerging countries to become self sufficient in plasma fractionated products. It is noted that Canada currently has no plasma fractionation capability as it sends plasma to the USA to be fractionated on a toll basis.

Once PLI's Laval plasma fractionation plant comes onstream, it will be the first such facility in Canada. However, almost all the plant's production will be sold to NantPharma. Consequently, in addition to emerging countries, Canada represents a major potential market for expansion for PLI and its PPPS technology.

PLI's PPPS technology is uniquely able to efficiently and effectively capture the 24 therapeutic proteins found in plasma referred to the Edison research publication - many of which could enjoy fast track regulatory approval as orphan drugs. Associated technology/process development and clinical trials will require a fair amount of investment.So yes, the PPPStechnology is revolutionary and disruptive. I would imagine that GE and others are following the PLI story very closely. It should be interesting to see if the action heats up following the filing of INDs for various plasma proteins by the Laval plant towards the end of this year.