Endotoxin Removal


PBL is delighted to announce the availability of EtoxiClearTM a high performance synthetic ligand affinity chromatography adsorbent, supplied in disposable ready to use columns, which provide superior endotoxin removal from a wide range of biological solutions and low protein binding.

EtoxiClearTM, developed and exclusively manufactured by PBL, is produced in our controlled environment manufacturing facility in accordance to an accredited ISO 9001 quality management system and is supported with a comprehensive regulatory support file. EtoxiClearTM is highly stable, robust and non-toxic and is designed for use in process development applications and for polishing steps used during cGMP manufacturing of biological molecules.

The EtoxiClearTM adsorbent comprises a novel synthetic ligand derived from PBL's Mimetic LigandTM technology and is coupled to PBL's proprietary PuraBead® 6XL base matrix. This proven technology, along with high quality packed columns, provides a stable processing unit for use in all standard process buffers and solutions with excellent selectivity for endotoxin.


  • Specifically designed for endotoxin removal
  • Disposable ready to use columns
  • Designed for use in process development applications & polishing steps
  • Cost effective & scalable technology
  • Suitable for use in GMP environments
  • High endotoxin dynamic binding capacity
  • Compatible with a wide range of proteins
  • Low protein binding (typically >90% recovery)
  • Highly stable, synthetic, non-toxic affinity ligand