I was not impressed today with Pli's preformance throughout the day.


Personally, i would concider todays trading dominated by momentum traders. The bid kept dipping to .16 or .155, i am not impressed. I would have liked to see more momentum/ higher bid lots, once the sp hit .16 around 3pm, for the first half hour people were waiting for it to drop to  .15 but it didnt so then a flurry of activity happend.

My General forcast for tomorrow will be boring. Tomorrrow, i can see sp finishing at 0.165 with a low being at 0.155 and a high of 0.205. PLI will be a big hitter one day, just not within this year, i beleive h2/2013 will be where we will  see 2 baggers and 3 baggers.  right now, people i feel are still uneasy about Biotech, plus with the reelection of obama, i beleive there will be less speculative funding available for pli. The share price for the next few months will fluctuate between a low of 0.135 and 0.27 cents.

These are my guesstimates

What are yours?