why does everyone get so personal on this board? Squint has his views . . .let it be. He raised his target into the low 4's . . . give the guy a break. Let's discuss the stock and the company . .. not calling people liars.

The stock is trading at low's . . . the company has come out about the dividend and wanting to pay it . . . yes, they will try and sell some assets to the tune of $700mm . . . if the stock keeps tanking, yeah - they probably will have to cut the div . . . at the end of the day, this stock is HUGELY speculative in this environment. Me, personally, I'm long the stock at an average price of just under $4.90 . . . I will take the risk and reinvest the dividend until I see the price rebound (hopefully) . . . my price target for end of 2013 is $5.65. I don't see this stock going above $6 until Lindberg starts producing.

I will gladly take the 10%, reinvested monthly, at this point and hope the top dogs make some good decisions in the short term . . . until then, let's not call people liars, let's respect their points of view, and if we disagree . . . mention WHY!

Good luck to all longs out there!