Gee, the way you people are going I'm going to start sounding like fullpocket's dog pack.

PGF is going to take time to recover and it will, it has options and cutting the dividend isn't one of those options for at least a year and likely they won't have to do it at all as they have other options available to them. Remember they picked up alot of property and they really do need to dispose some of it. It's share price isn't going to drop to $3 or less,  but because it's dropped below $5 some of the institutional investors have to  eliminate it from their holdings, and that's whose provide the volume each day.  That, in turn is pressuring the price down and not because PGF can't afford their capex program or isn't able to also handle the dividend.

So it's not going to climb to $6 next month but it will eventually start rising from its grave and if Blade hangs on to it he'll finally have something positive rather than another CLL death experience. In two or three years we have a possibility of a $10 - $12 share. Obviously this is my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own.

Now quit scaring me!