IMO, those who think that there is little or no hope of recovery for PGF are out to lunch, don't want to take on any risk or haven't bothered to look at the whole picture. PGF is still in the process of completing the work necessary to complete the NAL acquisition, they are trying to organize themselves with taking on a capital intensive project at Lindberg but it will take a couple of years for that tree to bear fruit and in the mean time that have to keep their eyes sharply on the juggling act that they're in of reducing debt when possible, paying the interest on their debt, trying to replace depleting production, and very importantly maintaining the dividend so that the share price doesn't take another kicking. Unless you've got another more worthy gem to move to, for those who got in or are getting in at around the $5 range this could pay off handsomely if you're willing to wait two years or so.





I agree with your opinion. When Derek Evans took over PGF was suffering from ineffective management. His task was and is to turn things around. These things always take time and it doesn’t make it easier when a “perfect storm” of collapsing NG and OIL prices occurs.


They have laid out an ambitious 5yr plan. There is no doubt that forces beyond their control could derail the plan.

A key part of the plan is to gradually sell the “non-core assets” at their fair market value to fund the development of the “long term core assets” and the dividend. They feel that this is preferable than issuing new equity when the current SP is at a huge discount to NAV and or taking on excessive debt.


I see PGF as a mid to long term turnaround play that has RISK and the POTENTIAL for a very good reward but it will take time, a bit of good luck and or the absence of bad luck. If things go reasonably well we get paid 4 cents a share per month while we wait.


Personally I am more interested in where OIL, NG and PGF will be this time NEXT YEAR, 2015 and beyond. Tomorrow is IRRELEVENT unless you are a day trader or short seller!


As Wayne Gretzky (a pretty good hockey player) liked to say “chasing the puck is a waste of time, it’s better to skate to where the puck is going”

Time will tell if PGF is where we hope in a year or two.


PS. I don’t understand why fullpockets and others relate you to Squint1. You seem to be one of the very rare “rational” posters on this board with a balanced mid to long term outlook!