Guess when staring a quick and substantial profit in the face, I still can't get over the huge insider sell of 6 million shares by the CEO. Why? I just can't figure out why he would do that. Such a huge sale after holding so many years, it makes me doubt all the reasons I previously stated for buying large at .80 cents. Who makes 3 million dollars and then needs to dump like that.  I truly want to be long term on this. But it seems when push comes to shove that big sale just haunts me. Is there something I am missing. If something really negative comes out and I get caught in a sh...t storm, it will be hard to reconcile ignoring that giant waving red flag. In addition, after further research today, I am not fully convinced the problems of unrest relating to the mine are fully resolved. There seems to be some developments starting to point to the contrary. Regardless no one ever went broke from second guessing themselves, being conservative and taking a quick profit. Just my opinion, good luck to all.