Thanks for the info polo007

As quoted in the report;

Another troubling sign in the CIBC report was that a recent exploration update didn’t give any information on assays. This, CIBC opined, indicates that the program has yet to find anything of significance.

It's not that they did not find anything, it is there, the issue here is they are not drilling, that's why they have not handed in any results.

What's going on at the higher management level?? it's simple, these are open pit people, and this place is turning into an Underground Operation, man, underground is a total different world, what they need is experienced management, at all levels.

What I do question is "Why are they getting rid of the Experienced Underground People WT$ is going on here, I know it for a fact that as soon as you have contractor superintendent/supervisor, that knows what he is doing underground, LDI management, get rid of him;

I have always said "you can't fix stupid"??????

My solution; close the place up, hand it over to the contractors, to build them an operating mine, then hand it back to the company, at least this way the stockholders might end up making money.

By the way, I am still holding this company, can't sell now, that for sure