i was talking in generalities with regards to brent and wti, nothing to do with PBG and THAI.  The big benefit to THAI is that the overseas heavy oil fields are generally an untapped massive opportunities.  That coupled with that ability to partake in a royalty on any Majors Massive oil fields, projects/assets could be extremely significant in terms of looking at at theh company throwing off siginicant cash flows to investors.  i can only imagine what the mkt would think if when they sign that type of deal.

considering mkt cap is presently $80 million, $100 million or thereabouts is very nice.  i suspect burn will be net $10 million for the Q.  So essentially getting THAI, production, acreage, upside of signing a licensing agreement, 6 years of tweaking before taking public as a standalone entity for free.  I like the risk/reward.

Why? well like i menitoned some funds cant own, people are fed up, markets are terrible, margin calls etc etc....

Would like to see them do a roadshow an introduce the company to institutional/fund marketplace. 

input from the techs? not sure what you are referring to?