$25.00 target price, now that is beyond delusional.  Pan American Silver will just be nationalized by Argentina even if January 1, 2013 Gold Standard comes to play.  Also, despite Silver's ability to hold water, Pan American Silver is dropping like a rock.  If there is good news, precious metals drops, and Pan American Silver will drop.  If markets have fear and precious metals rise but Pan American Silver slides.  In either case, I see no reason to cover my 50,000 Pan American Silver shares shorting on margin since $21.07.  It has now broken the 20.00 support, and will just tank from here, and will not be surprised if it retest the lows.  I hope $25.00 is sometimes next year long after a much further correction has taken place on this stock.  Many of you here who are bullish I advise to sell now and sit on the sidelines wait for the correction if you are too afraid to short something that has a 99.9% chance of dropping much further or your broker will not let you short, and wait for a much lower reentry price.