IMHO the most important part of the guidance is bolded below, which will eventually be reflected in the share price as this is what the mkt has been a bit skeptical about.  Notice the inverse share price relationship between P and IMG (Joe's former company).  Good mgt is everything in mining:

"Primero had an excellent year in 2012," stated Joseph F. Conway, President and C.E.O. "We demonstrated that the San Dimas mine has significant geological potential and we announced an expansion which will boost production by at least 40% within the next two years. We also improved our tax position - substantially increasing our annual cash flow. In December we announced the pending acquisition of the Cerro Del Gallo development project in Mexico, which will increase our medium-term production to over 250,000 gold equivalent ounces5 per year and more than triples our resource base. All of these activities translated into a superior share price performance. Primero's share value increased by 97% in 2012 compared against industry equity benchmarks which were all negative. We intend to continue to deliver positive results for all our stakeholders in 2013 and beyond."