"Are you just saying that insiders bought above 90 cents to send a message to the market? Or is there some other conspiracy? The former might be true. However, do you appreciate that you are looking at this in hindsight?"


In mid-Jan the insider purchase at the highs might have been mere coincidence and I would not look too much into it.  But the early Feb purchase was more suspicious when the sp just maybe one or two weeks earlier was quite low in the mid-80's.  You look at other gold juniors and many were trading much lower yet here the sp of BRD seemed to be propped up not going up or falling down much.  At the time the sp was still in the low 90's and that was when curiousity got the better of me to come up with my "thesis" and that is if the true intent of management insiders is to accumulate shares in what is perceived to be an undervalued gold producer, then they definitely would be buying big this week especially at 85 cents and at lower prices if it occurred late this week and 83 cents is very realistic buying level today.


So far no insider buys reported and if none are reported for today's trading day then that would confirm my observation.  Did you not find it weird that the sp on Feb 12 was trading pretty much the entire day after 9:45AM EST at 85 to 86 cents and then with less than 40,000 shares in the final 5 or 10 minutes of the trading day it got closed suddenly up higher to 89 cents and it was about 10,000 shares at 89 cents?  Fills could still be had for 86 cents if those folks really wanted to buy it at the best possible price so you question why that was done.


Again, there exists the remote possibility that these insiders could be the world's WORST traders but given their background and knowledge, I find this to be remotely plausible.  I am not looking for a conspiracy theory but I merely want to see consistency in the actions of rational human beings if their motives are pure and my observations are pointing to this not being the case.  Anyways, their actions provided me with an exit on my last traders and since I was disappointed in the exit price I can only imagine what the sp would have been if they were absent!