Let's observe the FACTS on market action.

Abe I don't really know what your "thesis" is. Are you just saying that insiders bought above 90 cents to send a message to the market? Or is there some other conspiracy? The former might be true. However, do you appreciate that you are looking at this in hindsight? How did insiders at the time "know" they were buying at a local high? And what benefit did they get, particularly when the price couldn't be sustained for more than a day or two?

The simple answer is usually the right one. Insiders are not short term traders. The stats are very poor for insider trades - within a six month period most insider trades are in a loss, including insider sells. Take them for what they are - insiders have a totally different investment horizon and risk profile. It's nice to see insiders buying - that's it - NICE, end of story.

Sometimes insiders buy near a low - this creates issues with regulators and I suspect you would be posting that they are again trying to fool the market by artifically bolstering the shareprice. All we know for sure is that whenever and whatever price they pay someone will try to come up with a conspiracy theory.