Let's observe the FACTS on market action.  When the sp is near the highs the insiders suddenly appear out of the woodwork and purchase a bit which somehow pushes the price further upwards by one or two extra cents than it normally should go.  I presented the last two examples in mid-Jan and early-Feb as evidence.


Now the sp is in "bargain" territory relative to their previous buys at the highs and they have zero interest in buying?  Makes no sense to me.  Insiders typically have filed their purchases the very next day and nothing showing up yet.  If they chose not to buy at 85 cents earlier this week then most definitely they would have bought TODAY in the low 80's if they were planning on doing so.


Please do not bring up this rubbish about black out periods.  Maybe you should confirm if this is indeed the case instead of posting it first as a potential reason.  Because my thesis thus far has been more correct than incorrect and for some strange reason they have zero interest in buying when things are on "sale".  The chart looks ugly if 80 cents does not hold.  GLTA.